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Review of Literature Presentation

There is no minimum number of slides required for this presentation, and there is no maximum number required. Slide contents should be concise, but readable. Brief bullet points work the best.

***You must utilize the Note page located below the slide in PowerPoint where elaboration is required to guide the reader. This represents the equivalent of your narration of the contents of the slide, and should be used generously.

The Review of Literature presentation:
* Must be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation for a hypothetical audience of nurse leaders.
* lnclude a take-away message for an audience of nurse leaders, crafted through synthesis of the overall body of information the student has reviewed.
* Presentation should illustrate how a leader can use the information gained from the evidence the student has reviewed to deal with a management-related issue (TIME MANAGEMENT) in the clinical setting.

The student will begin by presenting measurable participant objectives for the anticipated audience member. The student will then introduce the topic, and give a brief overview of its importance for leadership within the healthcare setting.

Introduce and review a minimum of five scholarly publications in the presentation. These may or may not be precisely the same five articles used for the Scholarly Publications assignment (ATTACHED). Select the best evidence supporting the topic. In the students own words, a brief summation of the findings considered significant from these publications will be discussed with consideration for relevance to the assigned topic (TIME MANAGEMENT). The student may choose to list the publications on one slide, then address each source individually, or address components of the topic and pull in an appropriate source for related evidence.

The student will compose a collective synthesis/summary of what is supported by the literature reviewed to conclude the presentation. This should not be confused with an additional summary of the articles. The student will develop their final remarks by viewing the multiple sources as one collection of information on the topic. Concisely indicate the current status or impact of this issue on nursing leadership or management. Summarizing the overall, take-away message at the conclusion of the presentation is worth one quarter of the total grade. Therefore, one slide will not be sufficient to present your synthesis. After this synthesis, conclude the presentation with slide(s) containing references.

> Participant objectives and topic introduction:
– Objectives are clearly stated, measurable,
participant-centered (At the end of this
presentation, the participant will), and
appropriate to the topic presented.
– Topic introduction is clear, concise, and aligns the
topic with a leadership/management perspective.

>Identification and review of five current, scholarly:
publications from professional sources.
– All are scholarly
– All pertain to the designated content area.
– Review of each article is concise and summarized
in students own words
– Emphasizes major points of the original author(s)
as it pertains to the designated topic.

>Synthesis: Includes an overall analysis of the literature
selected from topic search and general statement(s) on the
current status of this issue relative to nurses. The following
areas must be addressed:
– Based on these five articles collectively what
should an audience of leaders/managers in a
healthcare setting take away from this
presentation? (Again, this is not an additional
summary of each article.)
– How does this topic impact or relate to nursing
leadership as well as the management of
healthcare agencies.
– Will attending this presentation make a difference
in their approach to management? How?
– How can a nurse manager use the information
reviewed in this presentation to manage this issue
in their specific management setting?