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The destruction depicted in the Mahabharata is immense. Why should this be so? Why does Krishna convince Arjuna to do battle? What kinds of yoga are desribed in the Bhagavad Gita? What is the central import of the doctrine of karmayoga?

You must respond to the provided resuorces, and you must indicate what you are going to talk about (i.e. through a title and a very brief introduction) Referencing is expected when and where appropriate (in-text method + bibliographic entry is fine) Dear writer, Please use the readings i provided,response to them,and each reference refer to one or more source please. The first souce information is “Fitzgerald, J. 2004. ‘Mahabharata.’ In S. Mittal and G. Thursby (eds), The Hindu World, pp.52-74. (ebook; hardcopy: BL1201 .H546 2004)The second source information is De Bary, William Theodore (ed.) 1964. Sources of Indian tradition, pp.278-295 ( Bhagavadgita 2.11-37, 3.4-24, 3.25-35; 4.13-20; 2.39-50, 9.4-14) .The third source information is “Bowles, A. 2017. ‘The Mahabharata and dharma.’ In G. Bailey (ed.) Hinduism in India: The Early Period. New Dehi: Sage, pp.6084.”