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The name of the course is Embodiment and Disability and the Masters Program is Disability Studies

Please look very closely at our definitions of disability and other words. How do we differ from others you have read? Who owns disability? Who claims what language and why?Week Two Study Questions Introducing how Devva Thinks:• What is the most common approach to disability culture from non-anthropologists? Where does disability community come in?• How does medical anthropology (and sociology?) usually approach disability? Why is this problematic?• What do we mean here? “Taking a foreign field site census of people who would be considered disabled in the U.S. may tell us a lot about illness process, but nothing about disablement or even impairment.”• What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying a single kind of origin of disability?• What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying disability in one culture verses cross-cultures?• What do we mean by the “Medicalization and Demedicalization of disability?”