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Walmart moving into Colombia

the first section of the case is picking a company with the follow guidelines: 1. you must select a company that is publicly traded, as this will greatly increase the availability of information about the company. 2. this project involves a company entering a new international market, so confirm in advance that the company and/or specific products by the company are not offered in the market you are considering. I have chosen the company Walmart and the country they will enter Is Colombia. part two of course assignment: Background Briefing: Students will provide a background briefing (1 to 2 pages).The briefing will consist of: Identifying the client firm by name. Identifying the client firm’s industry using the NAICS coding system. Demographic information indicating size such as number of employees, annual sales, profit, market share, etc. over previous 3-5 years. Ownership, privately or publicly owned. I just need the second part done.