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The Expansion of Human Services in Allegheny County, 1968-95

Analyze the case study The Expansion of Human Services in Allegheny County, 1968-95. You must Explain how the case study offered support for or against the: (a) the rational model; (b) the political model; and (c) the policy process model, Which elements of the three-stage Cobb and Elder model on agenda setting could you identify in the case study?, and Explain how Kingdons three streams model of the policy process sheds light on how human service policy developed in Allegheny County.The paper should be a graduate level paper. consisting of 1200 words. The paper must go beyond the obvious and have in-depth information. The paper must be scholarly written and must strictly follow the current American Psychological Association (APA) format and style of writing. The paper MUST BE PROPERLY CITED and include a COVER PAGE, ABSTRACT, DISCUSSION, and REFERENCES. The paper must include FIVE SCHOLARLY SOURCES/REFERENCES to support your position. Remember all scholarly sources/resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazines, and/or books must be properly cited using APA style.